Company Profile

Recochem is a Canadian owned, privately held company with a global reputation for quality products and outstanding customer service. For over sixty years we have been known for innovation, agility, growth and socially responsible business practices. Our portfolio of products and services extends from packaging, formulation and distribution of solvents and automotive products across the residential, industrial and automotive markets globally. Today, Recochem is a well recognised global leader in the production and development of Coolant and Antifreeze technologies.

A broad base of products, markets and strategic locations gives us the flexibility to react quickly to changing customer needs. Our group of companies covers the spectrum of chemical industry activities — we are a producer, distributor, trader, formulator, contract packager and wholesaler of chemical products. Recochem's corporate headquarters are in Montreal Canada, and operate state-of-the-art coolant production facilities in Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver, Canada and in Brisbane, Australia.

In addition, Recochem operates a world class coolant Research and Development facility in Nisku, Alberta, Canada. Our capabilities allow us to deliver a broad range of industry specific development and testing programs on coolant technologies. These investments have positioned Recochem as a respected and dynamic leader in the development of innovative coolant and antifreeze chemistry.

Recochem Canada

Recochem Inc. is a privately held, Canadian-owned producer, formulator, contract packager and wholesale distributor of chemical products not only consisting of automotive liquids (including coolants and antifreeze products), but also other household solvents and chemical products and materials.

Recochem enjoys market leadership in all of its key categories. Relative to our collection of automotive products and services, our product line consists of both private label and well-known brands including:

  • Automotive and Heavy Duty Diesel Antifreeze and Engine Coolants, Air 1™ Diesel Exhaust Fluid, Brake Fluid, Power Steering Fluid and a wide range of branded Windshield Wash brands such as Rain-X, STP and Turbo Power;

Our Canadian production facilities have enabled us to establish strong market leadership for the production of antifreeze products. In addition, Recochem has a significant and growing market share and business base in the USA and has formed strategic partnerships with many OEMs. Recochem Canada exports coolant and antifreeze products beyond continental North America into markets in Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Recochem Australia/ Asia Pacific

The Brisbane facility was expanded in 1996 to enable coolant production from the raw materials, and is now a world class manufacturing centre for coolant and antifreeze products.  Recochem Australia exports coolants to over 30 countries in Asia, Middle East, Africa and beyond.

In 1975 a manufacturing and distribution facility was established by Joseph Kuchar in Brisbane creating a footprint for expansion into the industrial markets in Australia and Southeast Asia. Further developments continued with industrial, consumer packaged solvents, coolants and related products and services over the next 30 years. In 2006, the Diggers brand was acquired completing a solid platform for increased penetration into the consumer markets. Today, Recochem Australia has an established sales, blending, bulk storage, logistics and sales infrastructure servicing its Australian/ Asian Pacific customer base. Capabilities are further leveraged by Queensland Blow Moulders; a specialist HDPE and PET bottle blowing facility.

Our Brisbane site is the primary supply hub for the Australasian region and is supported by manufacturing facilities in Adelaide and Perth and state based warehouses. All sites are fully licensed for the manufacture and storage of dangerous goods and related products and are supported by a national Safety, Health and Environment program.