Recochem History

Recochem was founded by a Joseph Kuchar, a visionary who immigrated to Canada after the Second World War. Mr. Kuchar believed that there was an opportunity to market naphthalene and Para dichlorobenzene in Canada. In 1951, with his wife, Maria, he founded Record Chemical Company Inc. in downtown Montreal. The company quickly expanded into new consumer products and geographical markets and soon established production facilities across Canada, in Australia and in Belgium. In 1981, the company was renamed Recochem Inc. and continued to transition from an entrepreneurial 'small enterprise' to a globally competitive organisation. 

2011 marks the 60th anniversary for Recochem Inc, a company that has grown from producing two products to over 200, from one initial employee to over 650 worldwide.

Recochem takes pride in celebrating this important milestone and fostering a culture committed to service, quality and outstanding responsiveness to customer needs. The entrepreneurial spirit and emotional involvement still lives - which makes success possible.