Water Based

Recochem Inc. is a long term manufacturer of coolant and antifreeze products. Our chemistry works, and we know where our different chemistries work best. Our Research and Development Centre is at the forefront of incorporating new and creative base-fluids into our coolant portfolio. These base fluids not only include the traditional antifreeze base-fluids monoethylene glycol (MEG), and propylene glycol (PG), but also glycerines, and also we have developed extensive skill in water-based corrosion inhibitor coolants. Our coolant products which are based purely on water are excellent in warm temperature climates, in both heavy duty and light automotive applications. Whilst they do not carry any freeze protection, they do offer enhanced heat transfer and supported by our long life inhibitors offering premium corrosion resistance. Such products also have the benefit of reducing significant cost being blended from water.

Water Based includes:

Reco-Cool Multi-Road Pre-Diluted Coolant

Reco-Cool Multi-Road Pre-Diluted Coolant is a light duty or heavy duty water based engine coolant already pre-mixed and ready to use. It contains corrosion inhibitors to protect engine parts normally found in cooling systems of gasoline and diesel engines. It is suitable for light duty automotive as well as heavy duty applications where water…

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